Complacency ruins perfection

Ever wanted to bang your head against a brick wall? Me too! Especially today.

Ever spent hours trying to figure something out? Something so simple but yet so hard?

I was trying desperately to finish my latest project, wizzing along well and feeling very complacent – until it all came crashing down.

Just one tiny thing can cause a huge problem and, rather than walk away, I became obsessed with solving it.

Of course, what I should have done was move onto anther part, actually completed something else but no, I had to solve the problem.

You see, I seek perfection, I want everything I do to be right and will strive until it is.

Did I sort it? Yes! Is the new website for Petworth F.C.on it’s way? Absolutely!

Almost time for kick off….


Another one flies the nest.

The last couple of days have been spent settling daughter number 2 into her halls of residence at Northampton Uni, studying architectural interior design, she is the third generation to attend the university.

The life of a working mum is never quiet, there’s always somewhere to be, an appointment to keep, an award to watch. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Being self employed and able to work from home is a life saver!

Now shouting at younger two to get their homework and reading done. Back to the big red chair for a rest tomorrow!

Another blog, sorry not sorry!

It appears that I either write loads – or nothing, unfortunately for you guys, at the moment it’s oodles! Sharing is caring after all.

Another busy few days in the big red chair, another couple of clients joining the Gab fold and another website launched – the new site for plus a refreshed Facebook page, showing a sleek new look (whoops still got to do Twitter and Google!)

Screenshot (219)

Sitting on my Facebook the other evening (yup I’m allowed, it’s business purposes) I engaged in a conversation on one of my networking groups (ooh get me) about SEO.

SEO means ‘search engine optimisation’ and, in simple terms it is essential for websites to have a decent standard of this (I aim for at least an A minus) for Google and the like to pick up on them and chuck them to the top of the pile for potential customers.

google logo

Anyhow, having promised one lady a check and report I was inundated with replies and undertook at least 15, most I am happy to report, were fine and just needed a few tweaks, others sadly where not so great (grr to unscrupulous designers who do the bare minimum) and I have advised them on what they can do. I have gained several new clients from this and am excited to do the tweaks and get them ranking as they should be.

Recommendations (again) have lead to another two clients, one requiring a whole new image including website(s) and the other needing on and offsite SEO work.

Looks like i’m going to be desk-bound for a while yet – when’s my new office being built Mr. Gab??


Having time off is not conducive to meeting deadlines!!

It’s now nearly half 11 and I’ve literally just shut the computers down.

Having enjoyed an amazing few days away with Mr Gab for our wedding anniversary, it really is back to work with a bang.

Word has spread so fast about the Gab and enquiries are pouring in – my in tray is overflowing!

I’m finding this amazing, flattering that my reputation is growing, proud that I’ve organically risen to the top of the search engines for my chosen keywords and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work that is being generated.

I will do an actual work update very soon, I just thought I’d take a moment to revel in what’s being achieved – and to thank you all for your love and support.


Back in the big red chair

After an amazing few days off, relaxing and spending some proper time with my family, I am now firmly back in the chair and frantically trying to play catch up!

So, what’s new? The much awaited launch of the brand new website for Worthing based hypnotherapy clinic The Hypno Lounge took place, feedback so far has been amazing and our client, Gabi, is delighted with it.

Screenshot (184).png

Work has started in earnest on a recent commission  for Petworth FC including the build of their Facebook page and a brand new website. We’re probably more excited to be having our Gab crown on the kits! Watch this space and, if you’re Petworth based and/or a football supporter, please pop over to their Facebook page and give it a like and a share.

Screenshot (185)

The usual social media scheduling and promotion carries on abated, insights are looking good for the clients although there’s always room for improvement so complacency is not an option.

With our tenth wedding anniversary around the corner Mr Gab and I are due to have another couple of days off so it’s (once again) ridiculous hours – good job we love it.