Professional blogging and the emotional side.

Is it acceptable when blogging as a business to make it personal? To expose the person behind the company, to open up and wonder whether it’s too much information?

Honestly? I don’t know.

What is blogging? To my mind an online diary. What would you write in your diary? Usual day to day stuff but on a more intimate level (in my opinion).

I find blogging therapeutic, I love being able to look back on achievements, fails and feelings so why can’t I incorporate that into the Gab? Why not indeed!

So, me being the hot headed Hannah I am just does it. What’s the worst that can happen? I lose potential clientele? Surely they need the personal touch and that involves showing yourself as a human.

I hope my blogs show my passion for the work I do, my struggles when I just can’t get it right, my triumph when it is perfect.

I hope that you reading this will embrace what I’m saying and stand up and be counted as not only amazing business person but also the real you.

Feeling a little jaded!


SEOoooooo boring!

Seooo boring!

What is? SEO! Why do you do it then? Because it’s essential!

The last couple of days have been taken up with smashing out SEO both on and off-site.

So what is it and why is it necessary?

Search engine optimisation – simply put is shouting at Mr Google and his friends that ‘I’M HERE, LOOK AT ME’. It doesn’t just happen though….

Unless you’re prepared to spend hundreds and even thousands having a sponsored listing floating around the tinterweb then it’s a case of DIY.

Time consuming, mind numbing and seemingly endless, SEO consists of repeating yourself over and again, researching words and phrases that will be picked up, stalking your competitors to see what they’re up to and feeling destroyed that, after all that hard work, you’re not number one!

Stick with it.. the hard work WILL pay off. I find so much excitement and pleasure in seeing my clients climb that ladder, seeing their heads start peeking over until, eventually they’re right up there.

It’s even better when I get awesome messages and feedback telling me how wonderful I am. Best me and my big head get back on it tomorrow then zzzzzzz

All work and no play….

All work and no play makes Hannah a moody mare!

What a weekend – after a Friday spent ticking things off a list that had been ticked off a list (and on and on) my new list was filling up.

Right I thought, I’ll organise kids and Mr G and crack on for a few hours, happy days.

As many of you might know we are plagued with car trouble – constantly.

Yep, you guessed it, plodding through my work (a website with a rapidly upcoming deadline) I get the dreaded call… the upshot of which resulted in today.

Sunday! Trapped at my desk! Every time I got somewhere – the somewhere moved ahead. With a floor strewn with angrily snapped pencils and aggressively screwed up paper I give up!

Weekends, pffffft over rated.

Rant over.

Petworth Football Club Website

Local football clubs – just a kick around right? Ha ha think again…

The last few weeks have been spent building the new, official home of PFC, a a local team playing the the West Sussex League.

Happy days, a bit of history, some team lists, nice pictures….. nope, you should see the rules and regulations these guys have to adhere to, all have to be checked and included on the site.

Respect to all the guys who give up their precious free time to manage, coach and run the club.

The site has now been submitted for amendments – more legal stuff to be added and then, hopefully we can launch it and show the county just who PFC are!

Up the red & blacks!


Complacency ruins perfection

Ever wanted to bang your head against a brick wall? Me too! Especially today.

Ever spent hours trying to figure something out? Something so simple but yet so hard?

I was trying desperately to finish my latest project, wizzing along well and feeling very complacent – until it all came crashing down.

Just one tiny thing can cause a huge problem and, rather than walk away, I became obsessed with solving it.

Of course, what I should have done was move onto anther part, actually completed something else but no, I had to solve the problem.

You see, I seek perfection, I want everything I do to be right and will strive until it is.

Did I sort it? Yes! Is the new website for Petworth F.C.on it’s way? Absolutely!

Almost time for kick off….