Whenever I feel a bit jaded I think about my children and how unique they all are. I thought therefore that I would do a quick pick me up blog about a very valuable member of the Gab family – Little Miss MiniGab.

minigab web designer

As some of you will have seen on our social media, MiniGab has designed, and is building, her very own website -it’s extraordinary seeing an 8 year old so aufait with technology (thanks PPS) – and loving so much working with Mum, teamwork at its best.

From designing and uploading her logo to setting up pages and starting to think about copy/content I think we have a successor to the throne…watch this space!

minigab website homepage

Next post….I promise….will be a bit more factual (maybe). Until then!

For more information on what we actually do for a living please visit Gift of the Gab proper


TFI Friday

So I had every intention as I got to my desk at quarter to seven this morning of putting in a full day’s ‘proper’ work. Instead I got stuck into producing apples for my website. Say whaaat??

You all know I’m a bit bonkers but this was actually a good ideas. When I first set up the Gab one of my Facebook cover pictures was of a crate of Granny Smiths with a random red (haven’t a clue) apple in the middle – my caption? Why blend in when you can stand out.

Anyway, when I was meant to be sleeping last night I had the amazing idea of recreating it for my website  ah, it’ll only take an hour I thought – hmmmm it’s now 18.48 (to be exact). As if that wasn’t enough I then had the super-duper idea of, instead of blogging on my ‘proper’ site, revitalising this old thing to use for my nonsense.

In the midst of all this farting around I then managed to convert the groundworks (other company for those not in the know) website into some sort of floral thing and have now had to place THAT under construction – nice picture of a hard hat but don’t tell the hubby.

I think some very late nights are going to be in order and I promise I will put a sensible blog up next detailing ACTUAL work. Apologies to my clients for the complete lack of work 😦

Sod it, think I’m going to have a beer or six, cheers all and TFIF.


Working our a***s off!

Busy but productive week at the Gab thus far, I am looking forward to spending a few precious hours with my youngest daughter shortly – summer holidays in full swing along with the massive amounts of mum guilt that walks alongside.

Working our **** off is the answer!

We have a wonderful mix of clients across the UK who we undertake weekly promotion for in the form of social media marketing – scheduling posts, sharing content, creating engagement and, basically, getting them work!

A lot of these clients we have been with since we started and have built or re-built their online presence with them, our weekly service includes the maintenance and updating of their websites, upkeep of Google pages and pretty much anything they need! Luckily only one or two are demanding 😉

See, we can’t go one post without mentioning the W word can we!

Work continues on the Woo Commerce site for the great Banana Ink and their range of plush embroidery for toys, clothes and work-wear, we just need to stock the shop now!

The Hypno Lounge is now firmly underway, Gabi is loving what we have done so far and we are now working together to move the project along.

Exciting news this week when we had a call from a local company Petworth Builders & Roofers wanting a new website – we love doing things from scratch and have lots of ideas for this one – construction sign is up and we hope to get started very soon……

That’s about it then for this week – a trip to the beautiful Mewsbrook Park in Littlehampton is imminent (special activity morning today) – it also means I get to say hello as they are clients! Happy Friday to you all! 🙂




Websites, websites, websites

Websites, websites, websites!

It’s been a while since our last post so what have we been up to here at the Gab? Where do we start? Websites, websites and more websites.

Faris Sweet Shop

A little while ago we were approached by the lovely Fari of Faris Sweet Shop. The sweet shop is a new, online store offering delicious sweets and treats, delivered straight to your door. Fari already had her branding in place so it was down to us to work with her to produce a website she loves. The site went live last Friday and we look forward to continuing to work with Fari and her team.

Byrne Baby Byrne

Alongside this we were scouting the Next Door Neighbour page  and spotted a help request from a local blogger. Colin (a former CEO of the 2nd largest PR company in the UK) is a regular writer and needed to set up a new platform for his blog. He was finding it impossible to navigate the technical side of things so in we stepped. Needless to say he is now happily blogging – take a look..Byrne Baby Byrne.

Banana Ink

We can’t show you this one yet as it’s currently under construction (although you can pop over to their Facebook Page) Exciting times as we build a woocommerce online shop. Denise from the store specialises in plus embroidery and logo printing. From custom made beautiful memory bears to a kitting out an entire workforce in personalised clothing.

Busy, busy, busy

SEO, we all know how important it is. The last few days have been spent re-doing/adding decent search engine optimisation to the website of Brooks Gardening. With the addition of the company to the major engines and some of the best directories we should see Joe moving up the ratings very soon!

Last but by no means least we are about to start work on rebuilding the site of The Hypno Lounge. Based in Worthing The Hypno Lounge is owned by qualified hynotherapist Gabi who provides a wide range of services designed to promote your well being. See more about Gabi and her services over on her Facebook Page.

With various mock-ups in progress for potential customers plus our daily round of social media promotion for our many clients it’s fair to say times are hectic!

Add into the mix the start of the summer holidays….. and of course our regular re jigging of our own site The Gab!



So, the websites finally finished!

What a nightmare!

So, we built a simple blog site a year ago when we started and then up-graded to a hosted site and re did the website…..then got bored and started again – and here we are.

I have absolutely no doubt that this will not be the end of it. Already there have been alterations, deletions, additions and it’s only 24 hours old.

Anyway, this is the first blog post so that there is one on here!

To be continued…..