Get searched, get seen!

SEO – it seems to be the buzzword right now doesn’t it? Do you know what it is? Can you get a straight answer? It’s not the magical mystery it can be portrayed as!

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimisation’ – still jargon for those not in the know! Simply put, SEO is a method of getting your company, product and services online and in the most prominent position you can be when people are looking for what you offer.

A high percentage of the population use their mobile phones when searching for something they need – don’t you? You tap in the service, for example ‘builder near me’ and up pops a lovely map full of red markers. Underneath this map are the companies whose services best match your search terms. Generally visible are the top three – this doesn’t always mean they are the best, it shows that they are a. applicable to the search and b. have been online for a length of time.*

Simply put – people search for a service, not a name, and if your company isn’t online then your name doesn’t come up and enquiry will go to your rival.

So, what’s the magic potion? There isn’t one! It’s a case of finding the right platforms and directories to enter your service, researching what terms your potential clients would be looking for, writing a great introduction and informative but easy to digest information, add in some photo’s and the essential contact details and voila you’re there (please be aware that this doesn’t happen overnight, you are NOT going to be top of any searched immediately, it can take several months for you to ‘move up the rankings’.

Of course there is far more in-depth SEO but we are talking small, local business here wanting to get online in your area.

Now the obligatory selling point…. if you don’t have the time to do all the above or simply don’t know where to start with research and copy then Gift of the Gab will do it for you for a one off fee.** Get in touch to find out more.

For more details see our website –

*This is not to be confused with AdWords (which you will see in little boxes at the top and in and around the search box – these are entirely different and are paid advertising which we can maybe cover another time.

**Ongoing management is NOT included and can be discussed separately.


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