Professional blogging and the emotional side.

Is it acceptable when blogging as a business to make it personal? To expose the person behind the company, to open up and wonder whether it’s too much information?

Honestly? I don’t know.

What is blogging? To my mind an online diary. What would you write in your diary? Usual day to day stuff but on a more intimate level (in my opinion).

I find blogging therapeutic, I love being able to look back on achievements, fails and feelings so why can’t I incorporate that into the Gab? Why not indeed!

So, me being the hot headed Hannah I am just does it. What’s the worst that can happen? I lose potential clientele? Surely they need the personal touch and that involves showing yourself as a human.

I hope my blogs show my passion for the work I do, my struggles when I just can’t get it right, my triumph when it is perfect.

I hope that you reading this will embrace what I’m saying and stand up and be counted as not only amazing business person but also the real you.

Feeling a little jaded!


One Reply to “Professional blogging and the emotional side.”

  1. Hannah,
    vulnerability is something we share. I’m not afraid to show my weaknesses and low points but I’m lucky that my elastic is a little tighter and it pulls me back to the positive very quickly.
    It’s all very well to praise the team and cheer when things go well but you need to recognise your personal achievements and put a little plaque on the wall when you feel that. A week later when your mask slips you need to look up and count the plaques.
    I think you’re a star. It’s about time you did. 👑 👑 👸

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