SEOoooooo boring!

Seooo boring!

What is? SEO! Why do you do it then? Because it’s essential!

The last couple of days have been taken up with smashing out SEO both on and off-site.

So what is it and why is it necessary?

Search engine optimisation – simply put is shouting at Mr Google and his friends that ‘I’M HERE, LOOK AT ME’. It doesn’t just happen though….

Unless you’re prepared to spend hundreds and even thousands having a sponsored listing floating around the tinterweb then it’s a case of DIY.

Time consuming, mind numbing and seemingly endless, SEO consists of repeating yourself over and again, researching words and phrases that will be picked up, stalking your competitors to see what they’re up to and feeling destroyed that, after all that hard work, you’re not number one!

Stick with it.. the hard work WILL pay off. I find so much excitement and pleasure in seeing my clients climb that ladder, seeing their heads start peeking over until, eventually they’re right up there.

It’s even better when I get awesome messages and feedback telling me how wonderful I am. Best me and my big head get back on it tomorrow then zzzzzzz


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