All work and no play….

All work and no play makes Hannah a moody mare!

What a weekend – after a Friday spent ticking things off a list that had been ticked off a list (and on and on) my new list was filling up.

Right I thought, I’ll organise kids and Mr G and crack on for a few hours, happy days.

As many of you might know we are plagued with car trouble – constantly.

Yep, you guessed it, plodding through my work (a website with a rapidly upcoming deadline) I get the dreaded call… the upshot of which resulted in today.

Sunday! Trapped at my desk! Every time I got somewhere – the somewhere moved ahead. With a floor strewn with angrily snapped pencils and aggressively screwed up paper I give up!

Weekends, pffffft over rated.

Rant over.


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