Another blog, sorry not sorry!

It appears that I either write loads – or nothing, unfortunately for you guys, at the moment it’s oodles! Sharing is caring after all.

Another busy few days in the big red chair, another couple of clients joining the Gab fold and another website launched – the new site for plus a refreshed Facebook page, showing a sleek new look (whoops still got to do Twitter and Google!)

Screenshot (219)

Sitting on my Facebook the other evening (yup I’m allowed, it’s business purposes) I engaged in a conversation on one of my networking groups (ooh get me) about SEO.

SEO means ‘search engine optimisation’ and, in simple terms it is essential for websites to have a decent standard of this (I aim for at least an A minus) for Google and the like to pick up on them and chuck them to the top of the pile for potential customers.

google logo

Anyhow, having promised one lady a check and report I was inundated with replies and undertook at least 15, most I am happy to report, were fine and just needed a few tweaks, others sadly where not so great (grr to unscrupulous designers who do the bare minimum) and I have advised them on what they can do. I have gained several new clients from this and am excited to do the tweaks and get them ranking as they should be.

Recommendations (again) have lead to another two clients, one requiring a whole new image including website(s) and the other needing on and offsite SEO work.

Looks like i’m going to be desk-bound for a while yet – when’s my new office being built Mr. Gab??



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