What A Productive Bank Holiday!

After the hectic week last week being a radio celeb (ha ha) work really has taken a back seat – these things can’t last forever so, guess where I’ve been all day? Yup, the Gab chair!

After finishing two websites in the last two weeks – not to mention changing mine for the millionth time I have finally knuckled down to the latest on the screen.

You know where you completely draw a blank? You can’t visualise anything, form any sort of words, nothing! That’s been me – until today – when I’m happy to report that it’s well on it’s way to completion, yay!


For now here’s screenshots of the last two (plus mine) and hopefully the next is soon to be published! Take at look at them in real life! Gift of the Gab Petworth Builders & Roofers and Dog Mind UK

No rest for the wicked, following a new Facebook page launch the new, official home of PFC is ready for design.

On that note – I have to tell you that I’m having a week off, lot’s of family time with Mr Gab and the youngest two before the dreaded start of school. News and photo’s I’m sure will follow. Until the next time!



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