Utterly bonkers!

What an amazing but crazy few days The Gab have been experiencing.

No doubt if you have ‘liked’ us on FB you will be au fait with the goings on – if not then have a read.

So, we have been incredibly excited to be be participating in Spirit FM’s War of the Works this week. 

What is it? Basically two Sussex businesses pitted against each other to win pizza. Ridiculous? Hell no! Think of the publicity!

We are facing Tann Westlake in Rustington who are an award winning digital marketing agency (kinda like what we do but with richer clients and posh offices) and, without jinxing it, Team Gab have been beyond awesome so far with scores of 8, 9, 8 so far (obviously it’s Wednesday).

Being part of such an incredible bunch of people is just the absolute best feeling ever. As a pretty much one (wo)man band we have had to call in clients, friends and family and they have certainly stepped up to the challenge.

What will tomorrow’s quiz bring? Certainly more gobbledygook from QG that’s for sure, poor Crouchie will need a holiday once this is over.

Wish us luck and make sure you listen in! 


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